Welcome to Codixt

We are Codixt and we are specialized in software development. Our customers see us as experts in building web, mobile and cloud applications. Besides that, our team is also quite experienced in Data Science and Machine Learning.


How can we help you?

We make customized scalable web applications and websites – using the most well-known Java technologies. Whether you want to have a simple application or a very special and complex one, we can help you! First of all, we will define and work out your requirements. When the objective is clear, we will start with the creation of high-quality, reliable software for you. As you might expect: we do not create WordPress websites built from ready templates; we make custom-made websites from scratch – tailored to your needs.

What are the competitive advantages of Codixt?

Codixt is not just a software builder. We stand out from our competition because of our:

  . Agile way of working – to make exactly the functionality you want

  . Object oriented design – to create scalable software for you

  .Team of experts in building software – skilled in the most reliable JAVA  technologies

  . Low prices and our ‘no cure, no pay’ policy – payment after delivering the product and your approval

Which technologies do we use at Codixt?

Our team consists of experts in web development (using Java technologies) and Python experts for Data Analysis and Machine Learning. Java is the most reliable programming language to create extendible and scalable software applications. These are the most common Codixt activities:

. Mobile native application development for Android and IOS
. Backend web development with Java Spring node.js
. Frontend web development with react
. Data analysis and Machine Learning using Python
If you are looking for other activities or technologies than the ones listed above, please consult us to check our experiences in other fields.


After the approval of our offer, we will define phases for delivering different features of your application. Every week, we will organize a short demo meeting, presenting what we have done so far and to also check if we are on the right track. After each defined phase, we will test our deliverables with you. Only when you accept the delivery of that phase and are satisfied with what has been done, the payment of that phase will proceed.


Our Projects


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